Can My Breathing Problem Be Fixed At The Same Time As Nose Reshaping?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am interested in nose reshaping, but I also have been told that I would need nasal surgery.  Do you do both at the same time?

A: I believe you are referring to needing improvements in your breathing inside the nose as well as external nose reshaping. It is most common to do both functional and cosmetic nasal surgery at the same time, a procedure better known as a Septorhinoplasty. It is always better done together as external nose reshaping often needs cartilage grafts which are most easily obtained with the septal straightening to improve the breathing. Thus the septorhinoplasty ends up after healing with better breathing as well as a more balance and pleasing external nasal shape.

You may feel free to send me some picture of your nose and I would be happy to do some computer imaging of them to see the possibilities of what can be done. A front and side view pictures are best for imaging purposes.

Dr. Barry Eppley