Can My Breast Scars Be Revised To Look Better?

Q:I had a breast reduction about 5 years ago. I was left with scars on both sides left and right by the clevage area. The length of each is about 2 inches and they use to be raised scars. However I did go see a doctor and he injected it with some solution which did work and flatten the scar, but you can still see it. It is unsightly and I can’t wear low cut tops because its visible. What are my options? Will a scar revision make it worse? The scar skin feels and looks like nuckle skin its thin and soft. Please advise, Thank you.

A: The breast reduction operation works well but at the price of significant length of scarring. While the scars are extensive, most of them are in more natural locations being around the areola and along the length of the lower breast fold or crease. The only part of the scar that is ‘unnaturally placed’ is the vertical one which runs between the nipple and the lower breast fold. Most breast reduction scars turn out well but there is an occasional patient that is not happy with some of the scar and some scars which become wider or even raised.

While steroid injections will help soften and lower a raised scar, they will not make it more narrow. Narrower scars are less visible than wide ones. Scar revision usually works better because it gets rid of the wide scar in exchange for a more narrow one. Your breast scar problem is the medial tail of the lower breast fold scar. While it can not magically be erased, scar revision can most likely cause an improvement in its appearance. These small scars could be done in the office under local anesthesia.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana