Can My Breast Implants To Be Moved To Create More Cleavage?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I had breast augmentation eight months ago. They were Mentor 375cc moderate profile silicone gel implants. My problem is that the implants are too widely spaced apart. My plastic surgeon told me he could fix them by removing the implants, putting in stitches into the sides of the pockets to move them closer together and then put the implants back in. I would like to have more cleavage but don’t know if this procedure is worth it. Should I have this done and how long does it take to heal?

A: While repositioning implants through suturing of the surrounding capsule (capsulorraphy) can be done to push implants in any direction, the question is how effective would it be. This is particularly relevant when trying to make implant move closer to the sternum. If these are submuscular implants, and I have to assume that they area, you must know the edges of the pectoralis muscle will block the implants from moving very close to the sternum. The reason in my opinion to undergo the procedure is to move implants inward that you feel are too far to the side…not because you think will get more cleavage. Laterally displaced implants can be reliably moved back onto a better position on the chest wall. Moving breast implants with the primary intent of creating more cleavage is less certain to be able to achieve that goal. Either way, recovering from an implant repositioning procedure is much less than the original breast augmentation surgery.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana