Can My Breast Implants Be Downsized Without Needing A Breast Lift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a breast enlargement when I was 20 years old and I was suppose to get a 36 full c and I got a 36 DD and I have never been happy with it and Im 44 years old now and I want them to be smaller. It makes me look like a bigger person and I want to be able to look smaller and wear tops that are smaller can you help me please. It has me in a bad depression and I have a complex now and I don’t even like to look in the mirror anymore. Thank you so much.

A: Exchanging breast implants to a smaller size is very straightforward and much easier on you than the original surgery since there is an established breast pocket. It would be helpful to know what type (saline or silicone) and size (cc volume) your current breast implants are. To go from a DD to a C would need at least a 150cc volume reduction if not more depending upon your body and chest wall size. The key question in your breast implant revision (downsizing breast implants) is what will the enveloping breast skin do. In most cases, significant downsizing of breast implants may require the need for some form of a breast lift or skin tightening. This, of course, depends on what the breast tissue was like before surgery and how much elasticity remains in your breast skin currently.

Dr. Barry Eppley