Can My Asymmetric Cupid’s Bow Of My Upper Lip Be Evened Out?

Q: Dr. Eppley, this is a question regarding the lip line, particularly the tubercle area. I have an uneven “dip”; the left side has almost a cusp while the right side is much smoother. Other then that, I have full, almost Taylor Swift Lips (except for the left side unevenness), lips. Is there any particular recommendations to make both sides ~symmetrical, particularly the left which the problematic (visual) area? Thank you.

A: What you are referring to is a higher/sharper cupid’s bow on the left side. The goal then would be to lower the higher side to make it match the smoother and lower right side. That can be done through a small excision of the arc of the cupid’s bow done under local anesthesia, just like a miniature reverse lip lift.  That would be very effective at lower and ‘desharpening’ the higher cupid’s bow but at the price of a small price of a small scar along the vermilion-cutaneous  junction. Whether that would be a good trade-off would depend on the degree of upper lip asymmetry that you have.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana