Can More Saline Be Added To My Breast Implants To Decrease The Amount of Rippling?

Q:  Hi there. I read your blog about rippling in implants. I had breast implants 10 years ago and over the last few years I have noted rippling. I am not sure if I had saline implants or silicone but I want to know if it is possible to inject more saline or silicone into the implant to rectify this problem.

A: The physical characteristic of rippling in saline breast implants is quite normal. Not every women will feel the rippling unless they had scant breast tissue prior to their augmentation. It will always be felt on the side of the breast where the tissue is the thinnest. While most plastic surgeons overfill saline breast implants to lessen rippling, it inevitably occurs over time as the containment bag relaxes a little. (just like a stretched rubber band) The manufacturers generally recommend that a saline implant can be filled up to about 20% over its base volume size. (e.g., a 500cc implant can be safely inflated to 600cc)

More saline can be added to the implant at a later date through a simple procedure. This can help decrease the amount of rippling. But one has to be careful to not place too much volume as the implant can get a very hard feel which is quite unnatural.

Silicone implants generally have little to no rippling as they do not contain a liquid filler but a gel material. This reacts with the containment bag differently as is not prone to the same amount of rippling as that of saline implants.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana