Can Masseter Muscle Dehiscence Occur Long After Jaw Angle Implant Surgery Due to Trauma Or Wide Mouth Opening?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question in regards to the placement of mandibular angle implants (PEEK/silicone).

In your experience over the last years/decades of placing mandibular implants – normal sized to small implants so not radically large ones – how many of your patients have showed signs of (partial) masseter (PS) disruption/dehiscence? And how many in relation to how many you’ve performed in total?

If a patient had no signs of masseter muscle dehiscence is there a chance that the PS/masseter will be ripped or comprised after surgery after a big hit, yawn or other trauma?

Thank you very much if you find the time to answer.

A: Masseter muscle dehiscence is an immediate sequelae of jaw angle implant surgery that becomes evident when the swelling subsides. It is not something that occurs later even if trauma occurs.

The risk of masseteric muscle dehiscence is directly related to whether the jaw angle implants add vertical  length which requires release of the muscle attachments along the inferior border and angle region where the ligament attaches. That risk is about 5 to 8%. In widening jaw angle implants that risks lower to less than 5%.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon