Can Liposuction Create An Inner Thigh Gap?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in inner inner thigh liposuction. I want to create a space between my inner thighs, a so called thigh gap. How much total fat do you think you could harvest? If I take a big pinch of skin and fat at my inner thighs I can make a visible thigh gap. Would that be a realistic result from inner thigh liposuction. My weight is around 132 to 137lbs at 5’4” if that helps with any part of the assessment.

A: The thigh appearance you are showing, known as a thigh gap, can not be created by liposuction. That is asking liposuction to do more than it is capable of. Many thigh gaps that you see in ads and model pictures have been created by ‘Photoshop liposuction’ or the women are exceptionally thin and have it by genetics. If you don’t naturally have a thigh gap, surgery is not likely to create one.

The inner thigh area is a challenging area for good liposuction results because the skin is unforgiving (poor elasticity) and has little ability to retract and reshape. If one is very aggressive and too much fat is removed there will be contour deformities and indentations as a result…thinner but misshapen. Conversely, if one is more conservative and does not take too much fat, then the resultant change is very modest. This is why the inner thighs are the #1 body area for dissatisfaction from liposuction…the results are often not enough or another aesthetic problem has been created. You have to ‘pick your poison’ so to speak…a modest change with likely smooth skin or a more aggressive volume reduction and a higher risk of contour irregularities and skin dimpling.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana