Can Liposuction Be Done On The Lower Leg For Calf and Ankle Reduction?

Q: I have previously had a tummy tuck and liposuction of my waistline and thighs last year. That went well and the results are really good. My remaining body issue is my lower legs. They are still so thick and they have no shape. I guess they are called ‘cankles’. I am embarrassed by them so I always wear pants. I wold love to be able to wear shorts and even a low hanging skirt. I have read that liposuction can be done for the lower legs. Do you think it will make enough of a difference? Will I be as satisfied with it as my tummy tuck and other liposuction?

A: Calf and ankle liposuction can be very gratifying and make a big difference in the shape (not the size) of the lower leg between the knees and the ankles. By selecting removing small fatty areas and making curves in the favorable silhouette areas of the inner knee, upper and lower calfs and ankles, the shape of the lower legs from the front can be made more pleasing. This is done with small cannulas and is really a form of liposculpture rather than volume reduction liposuction. The biggest issue with lower leg liposuction (cankle liposuction) is that there will be prolonged swelling in the lower leg. The changes may not even be apparent in the first few weeks after surgery adn your lower legs may even look fatter initially. It will take several months to really appreciate the final result. It always appears but it does take time. In my experience, patients have been happy with the results even though they do not end up with skinny legs, just more shapely thicker ones.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana