Can Laser Skin Treatments Melt Or Warp Underlying Facial Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am considering getting a skin treatment (likely either broadband light therapy, fraxel laser, or something else of the sort) to mitigate some facial wrinkles/sun damage, etc. I am wondering if you think that there is a substantial risk that the heat from the lasers would penetrate beyond the skin and cause any problems with my facial implants (you may recall that I have jaw, chin, and malar implants). I can’t remember what you said my implants are made of (? silicone ?) or if they would warp or become distorted if I had laser treatment. 

Thank you for your consideration of the question and for any help that you might provide!

A: Good to hear from you. Your question is a common and understandable one. To clarify the science behind your question, solid silicone can only change physical form at 375 degree F. While any of the skin tightening/wrinkle reduction lasers does generate heat below the underside of the skin, the maximum temperature achieved is usually less than 140 degrees. Thus there is a great margin of safety and no risk of any harm or malformation of your facial implants

Hope all is well with you,

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana