Can Just The Tip Of My Nose Be Changed By Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr Eppley,  I would like the fat tip of my nose made slimmer and the size of my nostrils reduced. While I like the shape of the upper part of my nose, the lower part is too big and disproportionate to how small the rest of my face is. Is this something that rhinoplasty can do, just change one part of the nose without affecting anything else? I do not want to change the shape or height of my bridge. I don’t know how difficult it is to just change the shape of the tip. I also fear that the tip could become too small and give me a reverse problem than what I have now. I do not want  a petite nose with a pinched tip, just one still looks like me only in better balance. Thanks

A: Tip rhinoplasty is a very common nose procedure and only changes the shape and size of the lower third of the nose. Whether that will look more balanced without the need to alter any other part of the nose is best determined before surgery through computer imaging. You may very well be right but it can be surprising sometimes other areas look when one part of the nose is changed. Just be certain beforehand by some computer imaging work. It would be rare to take a big tip of the nose and make it too thin. (discounting Michael Jackson who had many nose procedures and is a result that should not be seen as the norm) Usually the question is whether as much tip refinement can be achieved as the patient hopes, particularly if the nasal skin is thick.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana