Can Just One Breast Be Reduced To Match The Other Normal-Sized Breast?

Q: I would like to get a breast reduction on just my right breast. It is a couple of cup sizes bigger than the left and its very painful. I think people notice and I can’t find a bra that fits right and looks good without one of my breast falling out. Also, I can’t wear any cute shirts I like and I’m very self consious when my husband sees it. I know I would be so much happier in life if they were both the same size. How much would it cost to get tissue removed from one breast so that they are the same size and that is all? Also what do I need to do to to get started? Please help!

A: Breast reduction can equally be done on just one breast as it is on two. It just takes half the time and close to half the cost of a two-sided breast reduction. When reducing just one breast, you have the ‘advantage’ of the other breast as the cosmetic goal. While perfect size and symmetry cam never be absolutely achieved, they can be made very close. The trade-off you make is that for better size and symmetry, the reduced breast will have fine line scars that the other breast does not. The best way to get started is to visit a plastic surgeon and discuss the specifics of your breast goals. On average, the cost of one breast reduction done as an outpatinet procedure will run in the range of $ 3500 to $4500.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana