Can Jawline Reshaping Be Done In Women?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in changing my round face to a more shapely one. I have attached a photo of myself for you to show my very round face which I want more V-shaped. My perfect outcome would be something like Kelly Rippa, which is probably impossible, but at least I can dream!My main questions are do you actually break the jaw and how long until I could return to work? I have seen some of your other work and have been very impressed so I know you can help me.

A: It is always good to see what changes other females have been able to achieve in terms of facial reshaping, but each patient is unique. In looking at your picture that you sent, it demonstrates two particular facial features of interest in terms of trying to achieve your facial reshaping and jawline enhancement goals. First, your lower jaw/chin is stronger rather than weaker. It is always ‘easier’ to create a V-shaped face in weaker jaws than stronger ones. Augmentation of the jawline is always more successful than reduction in facial narrowing/reshaping. This means that you would require chin reshaping either through an osteotomy or a submental approach where it is shaving down to more of a triangular shape. Which approach is better for you would depend on seeing some additional photographs from different angles, particularly a side view. Secondly, it is clear that you are older than in your teens or 20s and you have some facial skin laxity or looseness. This is relevant on how the skin will facial skin will respond when there is less support. That is an important consideration to take into accountwhe considering what procedures would be best. You may require some form of jawline tuck-up with chin/jaw reshaping but until I see additional photos I can not be clear on this need.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana