Can Jaw Angle Implants Create This Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My question has to do with a certain actor. Is the difference in his jaw from the first picture to the 2nd picture from implants and is this outcome possible through mandibular jaw implants.

pic01foundationA:  I can not tell you with any certainty as to whether this male actor had jaw angle implant surgery or not. Al I can do is speculate based on my extensive experience with jawline enhancement and numerous types of chin, jaw angle and jawline implants to create an augmentative effect.

I believe that he has NOT had jaw angle implant surgery. What you are witnessing between the two pictures of this actor is the effect of masseteric muscle bulging. In the ‘before’ picture his jaws are relaxed but in the ‘after’ picture he is clenching his jaws which causes his naturally larger masseter muscles (and thin face) to bulge out. This creates the impression that he has had jaw angle implants when he has not.

Such an effect can be created by jaw angle implants provided they are placed in the right kind of face (thin with little fat) and that the implants have the right shape and thickness. Such implants would have to be custom made since no standard preformed jaw angle implants have such an exaggerated shape.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana