Can Injectable Kryptonite Cement Be Used To Correct Occipital Plagiocephaly?

Q:  I have a 3 years old with mild plagiocephaly. I’m very interested in kyptonite injection to correct that problem in the future. Here’s my question about that technique: what is the method you are using to determine where (on the head) and how many (what quantity) kyptonite you will inject? Can we see a proposed “corrected headshape” before the procedure?

A: The determination of where to place the injectable cranioplasty material is determined before surgery by what everyone feels is the flattest area on the back of the head. That area is marked out prior to surgery. The location and size of the area to be filled in is a joint decision between the parents and myself. The amount of Kryptonite material needed is the greatest variable and the real guesswork in doing the procedure. What I know from experience is that 5 grams is inadequate and 20 grams would likely be too much. Usually 10 to 15 grams of material is needed. But the diameter of the defect is measured and then a benchtop test is done to determine whether 10 or 15 grams is best prior to surgery. Computer imaging is also done based on a superior view of the back of the head to get a prediction as to what may be obtained. It is important to realize that computer imaging is a prediction and not a guarantee of the exact outcome.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana