Can Injectable Fillers Be Used For Vertical Jawline Enhancement?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question concerning using injectable fillers in the jawline. I’m considering doing a jaw implant, not so much to widen the jaw but to lengthen the jawline down in the vertical direction. I know that injectable fillers (such as Juvederm Voluma) is a great option when it comes to widening the jaw and this is commonly done. But my question is if it´s possible to also lengthen the jawline in the vertical direction with fillers. Is it a good use of an injectable filler? I don´t want it to float about when your laugh for instance but I guess it could be a good strategy to start with fillers before possibly doing an implant. I also would like to know how much approximately you can lengthen it with fillers, maybe 4mm to 5 mms?

A: Injectable fillers can be a good starting point when considering any type of facial skeletal augmentation including the jawline. It will work equally well for vertical jawline lengthening as well as jawline widening/accentuation. It will not move around anymore on the lower edge of the jawline than it will when it is placed on the side.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indianapolis