Can Injectable Fillers Be Done To The Lips Painlessly?

Q: Dr. Eppley, have there been any new developments in the delivery of injectable fillers. I love what they do for my lips and have been doing them for years, getting Juvederm at least once a year. But getting injected is just something that I dread. I know beauty is painful but I am slowly reaching my limit of tolerance. I am due for another injection but have been putting it off for months now as I dread the process. I don’t care how it done and I have tried everyway from ice to dental blocks. Please tell me you have something new that makes it painless!

A: In case you didn’t know there has been a major advancement in the delivery of injectable fillers known as microcannula delivery. Unlike a needle which has beveled sharp edges and cuts the tissues as penetrates them, always causing some discomfort and potential bruising, a microcannula has a smooth rounded tip. It does not cut the tissues as it goes through causing no pain at all as it delivers the filler through a small side port just off the end of the cannula. This is a remarkable improvement over needles and only involves one small needle stick to make a tiny hole for the microcannula to get under the skin. For the very sensitive lips this will change your injection experience dramatically. In addition there will also be zero chance of any bruising. If your current injectable filler provider does not offer the microcannula method ask them to start doing it. If not, run to a provider that uses it. It will completely change your feeling about getting injectable fillers to your lips.

Dr. Barry Eppley