Can Infraorbital Implants Decrease Scleral Show?

Dr. Eppley, is it possible to eliminate or mitigate scleral show by cheek augmentation and infra orbital rim implants? I would like to avoid eyelid surgery and when I “push up” the soft tissue on my cheeks under my eyes, I achieve the “hunter eyes” look I am after😄 But it seems to me the only way that can be achieved, is by attaching soft tissue to the implants so instead of pulling down the eyelids it pulls up the flesh. Is it possible or is it just crazy talk? Thanks for your time.

A: Infraorbital rim implants, if they add vertical height, do help push up the level of the lower eyelids. (mitigate scleral show) This effect is also supported at the time by soft tissue cheek suspension to the lower eyelids. It may not be equivalent to the effect created by pushing up on the cheek tissues from below by hand but it definitely helps.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana