Can Implants Be Used For Brow Bone Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Will the silicone implants have to be custom made, or will you be able to carve them during the procedure? Out of curiousity, but why don’t more surgeons perform brow ridge augmentation with silicone implants? Being able to bypass a large scalp incision seems like a huge plus. Also, with silicone brow ridge implants, will it look unnatural if I smile or animate my face, especially since there doesn’t seem to be much soft tissue coverage in the region. I’m also assuming that the implants will be screwed in, will there be any substantial risks to this? Will recovery also take a long time?

A: The reason that any form of brow bone implants has not been historically done is for two reasons. First, there are no preformed brow bone implants that are available and, even if there were, there would likely be some fit problems. Secondly, only more recently has computer technology made it possible to take a 3D CT scan of the patient and make on the computer screeen exclusively the exact design and size that meets the patient’s aesthetic desires and will have a perfect fit to the underlying bone during surgery like a crown on a prepared tooth.

With the brow bone implant secured to the bone there will be no animation deformities, just like when open brow bone augmentation is done. The biggest risks to the procedure are asesthetic, does it look natural (not overdone) and is there good symmetry. (here is the value of computer-designed implants) Recovery is aesthetic, meaning how long for swelling and any bruising to go away. That will depend on the approach used to placed the implants, endoscopically (7 to 10 days) and through the upper eyelids. (3 weeks)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana