Can I Shorten My Upper Lip By Shortening My Upper Jaw?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  Hello doctor I got a question, is it possible to shorten the midface by jaw osteotomy (shorten philtrum) about 2-3mms? I guess itis not a big amount and its pretty possible, unluckily in my case standard lip lift isn’t possible because my upper lip is well shaped and lifting it would destroy my look. Second question is if there is possibility to create hollow cheeks effect with some kind of implant (zygos?).

Thank u for attention.

A: In answer to your midface questions:

1) What you are asking about a shortening LeFort Osteotomy will not work for your upper lip shortening goals as it will not work. The overlying soft tissues are not going to shorten because the bone is made shorter, they will stay the same and look worse because the teeth are now more buried under the upper lip. The only way to shorten the upper lip is to actually shorten it by a lip lift which you have correctly stated is not a good aesthetic outcome for you.

2) Part of the solution to getting ‘hollow cheeks’ in the right patient is zygomatic augmentation and often is the most significant part of that effort. But it also usually requires soft tissue (defatting) efforts as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana