Can You Make My Chin Wider?

Q:I had a genioplasty to move the chin forward and now i want to do another surgery that doesn’t involve implants to make the chin wider. Is that possible and will the chin resorb after awhile because of splitting the chin and expanding it in the horizontal direction?

A: As you have discovered, moving the chin forward by an osteotomy will usually make it appear more narrow or tapered. This is because of simple geometry. If you move the front part of an arc forward (think of the lower jaw as u-shaped or an arc), it will make the overall shape of the total arc longer but more narrow in front. For this reason in male patients, I evaluate the front shape of the chin very carefully so if an osteotomy is performed for advancement, and the patient wants the chin to end up wider, I factor that into the osteotomy design and plan a central osteotomy with expansion.

Certainly a second chin osteotomy can be done and the downfractured chin segment split and expanded. It will be held apart by the necessary plates and screws needed to fix the overall osteotomy into position. This should not cause the bone segment later to undergo any resorption. A simpler method to get chin width expansion is to place a chin implant in front of or on top of the bone. There are chin implant styles that provide lateral fullness without any significant horizontal advancement and they would be a good choice here also.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana