Can I Have These Procedures Done To My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in having the following procedures done:

* Ear surgery – ear pinning + fix right ear that sits lower than left ear or fix left ear that sits higher than right ear + improve general appearance of ear cartilage
* Blepharoplasty – lower eyelid of my left eye (when I smile, it creates a prominent bag under the eye – not the case with my right eye though)
* Septoplasty – nose veers a little bit to right (possibly due to deviated septum)
* Rhinoplasty – remove slight bump & also looking to have a thinner nose
* Lip augmentation – improve general appearance
* Liposuction under chin – just to get rid of dreaded dubble chin
* Other possible procedures (if doctor recommend them): cheek implants, jaw implants and chin implant – I would like to have more masculine facial structure
Other possible procedures, if you offer them: tear trough implants, cheek lift
First pic: how I actually look
Second pic: alterations I made to my face on your website (not perfect, just played around).

A: In answer to the facial procedures:

1)      It is possible to raise an ear .5 to .75 cms but it is not possible to lower an ear. Ear pinning or antihelical fold setback can effectively reshape the outer ear cartilage.

2)      The ‘bag’ of the left lower eyelid is hard to appreciate in your non-smiling views so I am not sure if it is a skin issue or a fat issue.

3 and 4) A septorhinoplasty is needed to straighten the nose, reduce the bump and have a thinner tip.

5) To make that amount of lip augmentation change, you would have to think about fat injections even though their survival in the lips is anything but assured.

6) Submental liposuction can be done but, more importantly, significant chin augmentation will eliminate that concern on its own. Cheek and jaw angle implants would be complementary to the chin and, in your thin face, would make it very sculpted and angular.

7) Cheek implants will obviate the need for a cheek lift. Tear trough implants can be done to fill out the under eye hollows.

Dr. Barry Eppley