Can I Have Smartlipo If I am HIV Positive?

Q: I am interested in getting Smartlipo for my love handles. I am a 42 year old healthy HIV positive male since 2005. My CD4 count is 435 and my viral load is undetectable. I am 5′ 9 and weigh 170lbs. I am on HIV medications with no signs and symptoms. I have been recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C but am not on any medications for it. My liver enzymes are close to being normal and my liver ultrasound is normal. Would I be a candidate for Smartlipo?

A: Having these two viral infectious diseases does not preclude you from having any form of liposuction surgery. The key is that your medical conditions are stable with good counts that would not make your risk of infection significantly increased and that you could safely go through a short surgical procedure without any adverse effects on your health. You would need medical clearance from your physicians as they are most familiar with the details of your current condition and laboratory values.

Smartlipo of the flanks is a fairly small liposuction procedure that can have a dramatic effect on the waistline and the flanks. It is a common treatment for men that reduces a fat problem that is otherwise impossible to exercise and diet off. Done as an outpatient procedure, it is completed in under an hour with minimal recovery and restriction of activities.   

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana