Can I Have Rhinoplasty While Recovering From A Broken Leg?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was scheduled for a rhinoplasty but one week before the surgery I broke my leg playing basketball. I had it fixed and will be unable to to bear weight for another four weeks and therefore was unable to make my rhinoplasty surgery. I am still interested in doing the surgery as early as is possible. I have a follow up appointment for my broken leg this week so I should know more about the length of time I will be on crutches. I just wanted your input and opinion on what you think I should do next. 

A: There are two schools of thought about any type of surgery while recovering from another surgery/injury. One approach is to wait until one is fully recovered and then do the elective surgery at a more convenient time. The other approach is to have the elective surgery while one is recovering from the first surgery or injury since one is laid up anyway. Which approach is better depends on the nature of the injury and what the elective surgery procedure is. When one is young and healthy, the recovery from one surgery (a broken leg) does not affect the healing of the subsequent surgery. (rhinoplasty)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana