Can I Have My Cheek And Jaw Angle Implants Revised At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had cheek and jaw angle implants four months ago. I see that you are ubiquitous on the Internet for cheek and jaw angle implants. My question: my right jaw has been very swollen to the point where I had an MRI that shows unusual swelling. As a result I’m scheduled to have that jaw area opened up and cleaned out with hopes of immediate replacement of implant. I was hopeful that during this same procedure I would have the cheek implants replaced with smaller ones and located a bit higher in my cheek area with more emphasis on the enhancement of the upper cheekbone. My surgeon said its not a good idea to work on the cheeks because of the inflammation in the right jaw. Is this true? If I’m going to be under sedation I would prefer to have the cheek implants adjusted. It would save me a third flight and money for sedation in the future. Your thoughts?

Eppley Jaw Angle Implants result right oblique viewA: In regards to the simultaneous management of your cheek and jaw angle implants, I see no problem with doing them together. The ‘cleaner’ cheek implants should be downsized first and then the presumably infected right jaw angle implant should be opened and managed. I do not necessarily believe that one infected implant will affect unaffected ones of the sequencing in surgery is done in the right order.

Dr. Barry Eppley


Indianapolis, Indiana