Can I Have Breast Implants And A Brazilian Butt Lift Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 46 years of age and a runner in great health–I use to love my breasts, but now not so much.   Looking at either breast lift or augmentation and brazilian butt lift.  I have always had a flat butt, especially flat since I run…and sit all day–have great legs want the rest of my body to match.   Seeking cost of both surgeriess (I realize average is best you can estimate, not having seen me), all scenarios.   Would like to save an pay up front if possible, will not finance.   PS – I do have that baby belly fat still in there, so I’m sure it can be used to help my buttocks out!  🙂 Thank you!

A: One of your problems will be easy to solve and that is the breasts. Breast implants will provide an immediate and permanent solution to a larger breast mound, of a size of your choosing. Whether you would really need a breast lift I am not sure but as long as your nipple is above the lower breast fold you would not. I will assume that since you are a runner that you have breast deflation not breast sagging. The more difficult problem to solve is that of your buttocks for three specific reasons, none of them surgical per se. First, would a runner in great shape really have enough fat to harvest for an effective brazilian butt lift…in most cases usually not. Second, even if enough fat were transplanted the odds are high that being a runner will result in the fat being absorbed quickly…burning it off. Those who have less fat do so for a reason. Thirdly, like breast implants real buttock implants are the definitive permanent answer but in a runner the recovery might be longer than you want.

Expect silicone breast implants to be around $ 5,700, a brazilian butt lift to be around $ 4,500 since yours is small and buttock implants to be around $ 5,900.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana