Can I Have A Second Attempt At Skull Augmentation If The First One Got Infected?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Last year I had a skull reshaping surgery (plagiocephaly is my problem), but i had an infection and they took out the skull implant. I treated infection for six months and now I ma cured I would like to try it again .

Can I have the information of how you treat the patient who has had this type of skull implant problem.

Thank you

A: Thank you for your inquiry. To determine if you are a good candidate for a second attempt at skull augmentation for plagiocephaly I would need some more information:

1) What type of skull implant was used? (what material and how was it made?)

2) What type of scalp incision was used for placement of the skull implant?

3) What was the identified bacteria? (cause of the infection)

Dr Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana