Can I Get Top and Side of the Head Reductions During The Same Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have been looking into options to reduce the disproportionate nature of my head, specifically the convexity above the ears and am interested in pursuing a surgery through you after looking at your before / after results. I believe that my issue is due to a combination of thick temporal muscles (as the convexity of my skull noticeably changes when I open / clench my jaw) and bone around the parietal area. I was wondering how much more effective an open scalp incision would be as I am also considering skull reduction for the top of my head and would like to maximise the effectiveness of both procedures. I understand that due to the thinning of my hair across my scalp that such an incision would leave a significant scar, but I believe I would be accepting of this as long as a visible improvement is made. I have attached a couple of pictures displaying the convexity of the skull as well as the excessive height. Thank you in advance.

A:The combination of temporal (side of the head) and top of the head reductions can be done concurrently for a combined skull reshaping effect. (see attached) While that could be done through a full coronal scalp incision that is not how I would do it. I would do the temporal reductions through the traditional behind the ear incisions and the top of the head reduction through a superior scalp incision limited to between the bony temporal lines. The goal is to keep the incision away from the more visible side of the head.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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