Can I Get Multiple Skull Reshaping Procedures Done At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m thinking about having a couple of skull reduction surgeries and I was wondering if you could provide a price estimate for all the surgeries together. Overall, through these surgeries I would like to decrease the overall look and size of my skull. Here are the surgeries that I plan on having. 

Temporal reduction: I would like my temporal muscles removed to decrease the width of my head. 

Occipital reduction: I would like bone at the back of my head reduced so that it looks more flat, and less bulging than it is now. 

Forehead bone reduction with hairline advancement/lowering: I would like to the bone under my forehead reduced so that it doesn’t look as bulging as it is now. I also have a pretty long forehead which makes me look like I have a receding hairline. If possible I would like to have my hairline lowered by 1 inch, or 2.5cm. 

Top skull reduction surgery: I would like the bone on top of my skull reduced so the vertical length of my skull is reduced. Just like in the pictures of the large skull reduction surgery. So that the distance between the top of my hair and my hairline is not too big after having the hairline advancement surgery. 

I also have another question in regards to these surgeries. When I do get them, will they all be done together in one session, or will they have to be done separately? Like will I have to wait a couple of months between each surgery? Just so I can know how long it will take to get them all completed. 

Thank you

A:Thank you for your inquiry, detailing your objectives and sending your pictures. All such procedures could be done at once if desired. (see attached imaging) Besides the temporal reductions the back, top of the head and hairline/forehead procedures are interconnected and the effectiveness of one impacts the other two so the ‘front to back’ skull procedures need to be done at the same time. The temporal procedure is independent of the other three and cold be done separately or as part of the other three, that is just a personal choice.

Whether you could get as much as 25mm frontal hairline advancement can not be predicted beforehand and depends on the natural stretch of your scalp. But certainly the back and top of head undermining/bone reductions is going to maximize whatever hairline advancement is possible.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon