Can I Get Jawline Reshaping For A More Steep Mandibular Plane Angle?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am currently looking for ways to make changes to my face because I am not really satisfied with the shape. I have just discovered your site and am wondering if you can help me. My problem is difficult to explain, but I want to try it. My jaw is generally very square. My jaw angle is almost 90 degrees. As a result, my chin is not really pronounced and the jawline is very flat. I would like a steeper angle from jaw to chin with a gonial angle 120 ° – 130 °. Generally, I would like my face to look more down rather than forwards grown. It is important for me that the surgery should not just be a corrective measure, it should be a big change. How can I do this? Is this possible with implants in the chin and along the jawline? 

I have already heard of techniques in which the jawbone is shaved to make the jawline steeper and to put the gonial angle further up. However, I have the feeling that my face is too small in the lower third and therefore there is too little space.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. By description you are referring to changing the mandibular plane angle to a more steep one. This is done by lengthening it of which that length needs to be more in the front (chin) than in the back. (jaw angle) There are two methods available for differential vertical lengthening of the jawline which are: 1) total custom jawline implant, and 2) vertical lengthening genioplasty with custom jaw angle/jawline implant. The key determinant between these two options is how much vertical lengthening is needed in the chin. This will ultimately require computer imaging of your pictures to make that determination.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana