Can I Get Fat Injections Instead Of Implants For Cheek Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am looking to achieve more definition and masculine features. I want a more defined jawline, neck and cheekbones. I actually am even more dissatisfied with how my face looks from the side or profile view. Do you think that liposuction of any area of the neck or cheeks would be beneficial? Or just all implants? I’m slightly hesitant to do implants other than the chin and wondering if you yourself would be able to use fillers instead of something permanent. I have attached some front and side pictures for your assessment.

A: Your side picture clearly shows a more recessed chin that would benefit from a chin augmentation. I think this combined with small jaw angle and cheek implants would provide much better facial definition. But it is clear that you are only comfortable with a chin implant at this time.

When it comes to fat removal, many chin/jawline enhancement patients will benefit from sub mental/neck/liposuction as a complementary procedure. For the cheeks, fat removal is done by a buccal lipectomy procedure which help define or skeletonize the cheek bones better. There is certainly nothing wrong with using injected fat for cheek augmentation. It does not create a sharper or mored defined cheek augmentation effect because it is a soft material and its survival is anything but assured. But for those patients who are a bit skiddish about cheek implants and want to do an initial trial with something more natural (albeit with its own drawbacks), injected fat for cheek augmentation is a good treatment approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana