Can I Get Facial Implants Made Anyway I Want?

Q: Dr. Eppley, how big can custom facial implants be made? Can I get any size and shape that I want? I know you design a lot of facial implants for people having read your blogs. You talk about how it is better to be more conservative than extreme for many patients. Why can’t I just get any size facial implant I want?

A:  I have make these comments in my writings based on a lot of experience with men trying to design their own implants or providing me with very specific dimensions of what they want. I have seen too many cases where such outcomes have resulted in the need for revisional surgery because the outcome turned out to be different than they thought it would be based on its size and/or shape. I am always happy to accomodate patient requests and provide implant dimensions that one may desire, but I do so with the understanding that they then take responsibility for the outcome should the implant be too big or oversized. I make implant suggestions/recommendations based on my experience of seeing how a lot of facial implants turn out afterward as well as knowing the technical and tissue limitation difficulties that can come when trying to place large facial implants. While one can design anything on a 3-D model, that doesn’t always mean that the overlying soft tissues can equally accomodate its size. Custom implants must be designed with an appreciation of more than just how they sit or look on the facial bones.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana