Can I Get Bigger Calf Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi. I had calf implant surgery to help correct the imbalance In my lower legs. I tore both inner heads of my calves during spotting activities. I am not happy with the implants that I have. They only look somewhat ok when viewed directly from behind. The projection is all wrong and they are not nearly wide enough. The implants do not resemble a natural calf muscle. I wanted custom made implants shaped to my leg. I called a company name Implantech and they can help with custom implants unless you know and use another. Please let me know if we can speak further. Thank you. 

A: While you can have custom calf implants made that offer better surface coverage by design, I would caution you that your existing calf implant replacements is not quite as simple as just swapping them out. The now etsablished implant pocket will need to be extended which is difficult to do through a remote behind the knee incision. There is also the risk of creating a visible scar line between the old and new calf implant pockets due to the capsular release needed to accommodate the larger implants. This can create an unaesthetic line down over the new larger calf implants.

While this aesthetic issue may not occur one needs to be aware of its possibility since there is limited control over how the overlying soft tissues will respond to the edge of the capsular release.

Dr Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana