Can I Get A Tummy Tuck At The Same Time As A C-Section?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am going to deliver my third and final baby next month. I already have a c-section and will be getting another c-section for this final delivery. After the delivery of my second child, I saw how much loose skin and stretch marks I had and that never really went away afterwards. I am wondering if I can get a tummy tuck at the same time as my c-section. It just seems like a logical time to do it, kill two birds with one stone so to speak. Is the hardest part getting two doctors to do it at the same time or can my Ob-Gyn just do it?

A: While loose stomach skin can be removed at the same time as a c-section delivery, it is not the best time to do it. The uterus is swollen and prevents muscle tightening and there is still considerable water weight present. In addition, being under an epidural limits how much overall abdominal reshaping can be done. It is far better to wait six months after delivery and try to lose as much weight as possible before having a tummy tuck…the result will be so much better. While there is nothing wrong with having a little loose skin removed during the c-section but that shouldn’t be confused with a real tummy tuck.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana