Can I Get A Square Chin Implant That Has A Cleft Or Groove In It?

Q: I desire a larger more prominent but one that is more sculpted. Can you do the a cleft chin implant with the y fissure? Or a chin dimple? I am looking for a square chin implant with the y fissure. I have a implant now but it is not squared and not exactly what wanted.

A: Chin implants today come in a vareity of styles and sizes. Some of those styles from different manufacturers include square chin implants and chin implants that have a central vertical groove or cleft in them. I find the square chin implants very effective for those men that need more transverse chin width. The cleft chin implants, however, look good on drawings and would theoretically appear to create an often desired chin cleft. In reality, however, the external appearance of the cleft may not always appear due to the effect of the overlying thickness of the soft tissues of the chin. That is why I also create a vertical groove in the muscle and sew the tissues into the clefted chin implant to be sure that an external effect is seen. Chin clefts in implants can be done with either a dimple or a vertical fissure or groove. When trying to place one in conjunction with a chin implant, it is more reliable to have a vertical groove or notch whether the implant has that shape or not. You can always take a squate style chin implant and cut a cleft or vertical groove in it at the time of surgery. That is a simple intraoperative manuever to do during chin implant augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana