Can I Get A Smooth Jawline Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, thank you for doing the imaging. Regarding my chin and jaw I had something different in mind, I wanted something more defined and v- shaped for my jawline. Some implant that would probably wrap around my whole jaw and give me a more defined look. I’ve attached a picture of Matt Bomer to illustrate what I exactly have in mind and please tell me if I’m being realistic or not. If getting such a structure is a bigger job and you feel that a custom implant is more suitable, I’m more than fine with that. Too be honest doctor, I want to have everything perfect even its going to cost me more. Regarding the cheek bones? Do think augmentation is suitable for me or not?

A: The purpose of computer imaging is to transition the talking to a visual interpretation. It is a starting point for refining goals. What you have seen and do not like is what off-the-shelf chin and jaw angle implants do. They are fine for many patients but will not give a smooth jawline connection between the two. Only a custom wrap-around jawline design can do that.

I think using the picture of Matt Bomer is helping to define your objectives but you can never have his exact jawline because his facial tissues are thinner (less fat). Therefore, his jawbone anatomy is very well revealed including the angular flare. Your facial tissues are a bit thicker so you can end up somewhere between where you are now and his look.

In regards to the cheeks, I think they would also be helpful in achieving your desired facial look. I have done additional imaging based on these concepts.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana