Can I Get A Small Metal Implant Placed Into My Upper Lip?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I want to put something inside my upper lip,  a piece of jewelry I have. I also have big lips so this should work. What I’m using is a tiny Christian cross. I want to litterally implant it into my lip through the pink part of the lip, meaning you would not see it at all as it would be inside my upper lip. Could you do that or would having a piece of metal jewelry inside my lip cause an infection like tetanus?

A: A small metal implant can be implanted inside the lip as long as it is not too big and is placed in a sterile fashion. This also means that the implant must be sterilized before its surgical implantation as well. There is always the lifelong risk of infection or extrusion as long as the lip implant is in place although it is impossible to predict exactly how significant that risk is. That would be based on how deep or superficial it is placed and what the metal composition of the implant is.

Dr. Barry Eppley