Can I Get A Breast Lift With Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Is a breast lift without scars possible. I am 38 years old and am done having children. (3)  I have 36 D breasts but they have a lot of sag. I would like to lift them with implants. I want minimal scars and I have read that the implants can be inserted through small incisions in the armpits or areola that leave minimal scars. I don’t want any scar outside of the areolas. I am hoping that the implants can get me enough of a lift, maybe a bigger implant will get me more of a lift. What do you think?

A: Unfortunately the approach you are thinking about for lifting your sagging breasts is an understandably misunderstood one. No woman really wants breast lift scars but the reality is that there is no substitute for them. Basically without scars there will be no real lift. Breast implants can not lift a sagging breast and will actually make it worse if tried alone to lift a saggy one. Once the nipple hangs at or below the lower breast crease, adding implant volume will only drive the nipple even lower…and place a large amount of fullness (implant) above the nipple. Filling out deflated breast skin will only make a nicely shaped breast if the nipple already sits close to the center of the deflated breast mound.

Dr. Barry Eppley