Can I Get A Breast LIft If I Already Have Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had breast augmentation last year and was advised before surgery that I needed a breast lift also to get the look that I wanted. I have had two children and had a bit of breast sagging. But I didn’t want the scars or the extra expense at that time. Now I have come to realize that the doctor was right and feel now that the scars would be better than the way the breasts look now. The implants have actually made my breasts look worse even though they are bigger. Can I still get a breast lift now even though I already have implants in place?

A: For those women who have some minor amounts of breast sagging that present for breast augmentation, the idea that they need a lift as well is often a bit much. Due to concerns about scarring and the extra expense from a simultaneous lift, they may defer and let the results ‘prove’ that a lift is beneficial or not. While in hindsight you may have regretted this decision, the possibility of avoiding scars and saving some money was not an unreasonable one. Now that you have the implants in place you can certainly go on to a have lift as a ‘two-stage’ approach to your breast enhancement. The good news is also that you might get a better breast lift result because of working with an established breast mound underneath from the previously placed implant. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana