Can I Get A Breast Lift After Having Had A Breast Reduction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a full breast reduction when I was a later teenager. I am now 36 years old) Now that I am older and with time my remaining breast tissue has fallen and is saggy. I would like to now have a breast lift to reshape them and give them more of a perky appearance. My original plastic surgeon has since retired and office records are no longer available. One plastic surgeon I consulted with said he said he would be worried about doing a second lift after the reduction. I have read from other plastic surgeons that a lift with a small implant is safe and will help. Is this a worrisome procedure after having a reduction? I would be open to a small implant but ideally would like to be the same size, just rounder. I’d love to be able to go bra less. Is this possible?

A: It is not rare to have a breast reduction done when someone is young that wants augmentation or a lift many years laters. It is perfectly safe to do a breast lift now using the same scars from the original breast reduction. The blood supply to the nipple through the central breast tissue pedicle will be undisturbed. It would be similarly safe to place an implant under the muscle which is beneath the overlying breast tissue mound. The role of the implant is to maintain upper pole fullness which a breast lift long-term will not do.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana