Can I Get 40mms Per Side With Clavicle Lengthening?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hey so I’ve contacted before about clavicle lengthening.. something I’m very interested in!! Now, I’m hoping to make the best out of one procedure… is it possible to lengthen each clavicle by 35-40mm? My shoulders are so narrow that they rest rolled over.. and from a cosmetic point of view, I’m hoping to look significantly broader!! Also, was wondering if it’s possible to inject renuva or radiesse into the hands to add volume and thickness to both the back and side of the palms, along with adding thickness to fingers!! 

A: In answer to your clavicle lengthening questions:

1) Since clavicle lengthening is done by an interpositional bone graft, and not distraction osteogenesis, a distance of 30 or 40mms is too excessive. The distance of 20 to 25mms per side is more realistic is terms of an improved chance for more rapid and complete healing.

To get to 40mms it would take a combination of clavicle lengthening and deltoid implants.

2) Radiesse or fat are common injection materials for added volume to the back of the hands. Fingers are not injected because of the risk of vascular occlusion due to their tight tissues.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana