Can I Do Breast, Buttock and Hip Implants At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m a transwoman who’s looking into hip/buttock/breast augmentation surgery and your practice is one of the ones I’m considering. Your custom hip implants are what convinced me to contact you since I think the way they extend into the thighs may offer a more natural look (they remind me of my padded underwear I use to simulate hips). My goal is to achieve the curves cis-women have, that I was not born with. Can all three hip, buttock, and breast augmentation be done at the same time? If not, can two of them be done at the same time? I see you also do fat grafting and liposuction. Is that something that can be done in conjunction with implants to achieve a better look? I know the specifics of these questions (for example, whether lipo/fat grafting is recommended or not) would only be answered through a virtual consultation with pictures, dimensions, and weight. But I would appreciate if you could answer these questions to the best of your abilities. I sincerely look forward to your response as this is a procedure I’ve been very keen on getting done. Have a wonderful day!

A:Thank you for your inquiry and detailing your concerns and objectives: In answer to your questions:

1) All three implants (breast, buttock and hip) can not be done at the same time due to the recovery challenges that it poses.

2) Two of them can be done at the same time but I would not combined buttock and hips as the two because of the increased rate of complications.

3) It would medically prudent to do breast and buttock implants first for reason #4 below.

4) Despite have developed hip implants over the years they have the highest rate of complications and no alterations in surgical technique have made a substantial lowering of those risks. A s a result I remain very guarded with this surgery both in patient selection and in implant design/size. Because of these risks you want to keep this procedure isolated from others….and may even consider it not a viable option to do given the associated risks.

5) Fat grafting can be done to complement buttock or the hip regions, with or without implants. How this applied to you is not yet known to me.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana