Can I Box If I Have A Sliding Genioplasty?

Q: Hello Dr Eppley, I am a boxer and wanted to get a sliding genioplasty. I am recessed by about 10mm’s and was wondering if I would be able to box after this chin surgery. If so, how long after surgery can I do so? Thanks for your time.

A: For your chin deficiency, a sliding genioplasty is probably a more wise decision than an implant given your boxing avocation/occupation. A chin implant may have also worked as long as it would be secured with 3 to 5 screws. It would have a quicker recovery and return to boxing (1 month if contact to face may occur, training part doesn’t matter) but there is always the potential for some implant related problem long-term if struck on the chin. (which I assume is common on boxing) For a chin osteotomy, the return to contact boxing should be 3 months at least although training could occur at any time one felt comfortable. You could argue that the bone is not really healed in a big advancement (10mms) for up to 6 months so this is a more conservative estimate. With the osteotomy in your case, I would secure it with more than the traditional chin plate (step plate) and 4 screws. I would probably add a small plate on each side of the sliding genioplasty for the extra security of the bone position.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana