Can I A Near Vertical Forehead Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I desired a change for awhile but was too young. Have uploaded 3 images of me and 1 with a crude iPhone edit of what the end goal might be. Was mostly wanting to know how plausible it would be or if the desired results in my case are probably too much or too drastic. Essentially my main concerns are about the forehead. One being how it slants back starting right above the eyebrows, whereas I would like it to be more straight up and down. The second concern being that the top of the forehead is too low. The back of my head is at a higher peak than the front, I believe a more level top of the head front to back would look better for me in my case. The photo I crudely drew on just imitates what that might look like if the forehead was different in these two magnitudes. I know you are the best and would be using y’all if I did anything like this. If there are limitations that would prevent that much volume being added it’s just something I’ll have to accept lol! Thanks so much for taking the time!

A: Thank you for your inquiry, detailing your concerns and sending your pictures. Your pictures are taken from fairly far away so I enlarged them and laid them out side by side to see your imaged changes. You are correct in that the near vertical inclination of the forehead is a bit much…for a reason that is not apparent in a side view picture. When you add that much volume in the forehead in profile you have to consider the effects in the front view as well. Since the forehead like the rest of the skull is a large convex surface you can’t just add volume in one dimension without doing so in all other surface dimensions. In other words as the forehead inclination becomes less (more vertical) it must also become wider or the forehead will just look like a porpoise. As a result there are some aesthetic limitations and also some volume limitations based on the stretch of the scalp. Thus the best way to visualize what could be done is to assume that the achievable aesthetic outcome is probably halfway between your ideal and the shape of the forehead you have now.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana