Can Hip Bone Shaving Be Combined With Hip Dip Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a thin/athletic female, but due to very high hip bones have severe hip dips where I essentially have two hip curves. I am aware that there is hip and bbl surgeries, but my worry is that because of my very high hip bones and wide ribcage, I wont have much of a waist if I get implants to help the dip dips; my hips would start directly under my ribcage. I have seen where you do rib removal, but was wondering if he has any experience in hip impingement or bone shaving. I wonder if a combination of high hip bone shaving and then a hip dip procedure could get me the hour glass shape I desire. I’d love to know your thoughts on if this is something even possible, and how realistic it would be.


A: Thank you for your inquiry and detailing your concerns. What you are referring to is reduction of the outer curve of the iliac crest bone leaving intact the anterior and posterior crestal areas. This is known as iliac crest reduction or hip bone shaving. This could be combined with hip dip implants. That is certainly possible even though I have never yet had that specific combination requested yet. Please send me some pictures of your hips form assessment and computer imaging.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana