Can Gel Breast Implants Be Used Instead of Solid Buttock Implants For A Softer Feel?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi. I am looking forward to proceeding with buttock implants.  I just had a few questions, thank you so much in advance.  

Would it be possible if I could get a Euromed implant that we could use that for the buttock implants?

What would be the difference between a buttock implant and a breast implant for buttock augmentation? 

I’ve heard of the dual plane method, that it can project the top part of the glutes. What would be the benefits of that method vs completely under the muscle?

My goals are to try to keep the implant less visible. And for the implant to be softer. But what would be the advantages and disadvantages of having a breast implant vs soft silicone implant placed under the muscle? As far as long-term ect.  

Also does the breast implant project the same as a silicone implant?

I noticed online you have an implant that you place holes in it to allow the tissues to grow into the implant. Is that method used under muscle as well? Does that make the implants stay in place better long term? 

Will I be able to train squat etc the same in the gym after?

Would I be able to see the implants when I bend over?

I did get a fat transfer over 3 weeks ago to see how it would look and I love it but, I feel that I do still need an implant,  to give more upper pole fullness projection, and I trust you for this type of procedure. You are amazing!! I am excited!!! How soon can I  proceed with getting buttock implants? My fat transfer was almost a month ago, therefore what would be a recommended timeline to proceed with buttock implants?  I would like to book a date for the procedure. I would like to also book a brief consultation beforehand if possible.  Thank you!! 

A:In answer to your buttock implant questions:

1) In the U.S. we can only use FDA approved implant devices. Medical devices from other countries that don’t have FDA approval can not be imported into the country.

2) The dual plane method refers to breast implants. In buttock implants the implant is either on top of the muscle (subfascial), partially in the muscle (intramuscular) or under the muscle. (submuscular) There are no deliberate dual plane methods although some intramuscular buttock implants do end up as ‘dual plane’ as the muscle thins over them and the central part of the implant ends up projecting through the muscle.

3) An ultrasoft solid buttock implant is fairly soft but not as soft as a breast implant…how different these are can be debated. Long term what you know is that a solid buttock implant will never rupture or need replacing. Another approach is to custom make the buttock implant and have it made in the softest solid silicone possible…which puts its feel pretty close to a breast implant.

4) Breast implants and buttock implants project the same.

5) The placement of perfusion holes in an implant is not done in buttock implants as the intramuscular pocket holds it adequately into place.

6) You would be able to squat train after buttock implants.

7) You would not see the implants in the intramuscular or submuscular pocket position when you bend over.

8) Given that you are 3 weeks out from fat transfer now and given the time to get the procedure scheduled you can get to work on that now.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana