Can Fractional Laser Resurfacing Be Done For Chest Wrinkles?

Chest Fractional Laser resurfacingQ: Dr. Eppley, I am wanting to know how much the costs would be for fractional laser resurfacing underneath the bottom outline of my pectoral muscles would be. There are some small, fine wrinkles that I am wanting to treat. I highlighted in red the approximate area in the photo. 

A: Fractional laser resurfacing is most commonly done on the face which responds very favorably due to its excellent blood supply and quick re-epithelization properties of the skin. As you move below the jawline, and particularly below the neck, greater caution must be exercised as the skin healing properties as not as great as that on the face. This does not mean that laser resurfacing on the chest can not be done…just that it must be done less deep and in stages to avoid creating scarring and hypopigmentation.

I would recommend that you first have a test patch of a certain laser resurfacing depth done to make sure this body area can heal without any adverse effects.

As general cost information, I will have my nurse send to you tomorrow a fractional laser resurfacing series cost.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana