Can Forehead Augmentation Make My Forehead Look Longer?

Q: I am looking to go about getting a procedure to make my forehead larger in height (length) and width and also to build around the temple area. But also my hairline is very low and am wondering if I get the forehead implants would I somehow be able to move my hairline up to show more of my forehead? After forehead implants what can be done about my hairline when getting this procedure.

A: Forehead augmentation, technically known as frontal cranioplasty, involves applying a moldable material to the forehead that then hardens fairly quickly. During the hardening process, it can be shaped in all dimensions including projection, width and height. These materials must be applied to bone and not soft tissue. Therefore, you can not widen the temple area as this is muscle not bone. The temple area requires a differernt material/implant approach.

With forehead augmentation, there may be some small vertical lengthening of the forehead when it is ‘expanded’ by augmentation. It may be in the range of 1/4 to 1/2 inch greater distance between the frontal hairline and the eyebrows. There is a limited amount of length increase that can be done. But this small increase, combined with greater forehead convexity, may make it appear slightly bigger than it really is. It may be possible to lengthen and stretch the forehead skin after augmentation through a coronal or scalp type of browlift technique but I doubt one would find that necessary later.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana