Can Forehead Augmentation and Occipital Reduction Be Done Through The Same Scalp Incision?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in 1) reduction of large occipital bone by burring and 2) forehead augmentation. Due to a narrow and recessed forehead above the brow bones, this needs to be built up with implant material. Can the scar follow the hairline if it naturally angles back laterally from the most center front couple of inches of the horizontal hairline?

A: Let me answer your two areas of concern with some general statements.

1) Reduction of a large occipital bone is always a question of how much be removed. In other words, is it worth it or not. That is best determined by getting a lateral skull film so measurements can be made to determine how much the bone can be reduced. It definitely can be burred down. The question is…is it enough to make a visible difference.

2) Forehead augmentation does require a scalp incision. generally, it is placed way back in the hairline…more than just an inch or two behind one’s existing frontal hairline. That would be particularly good if one is desiring some occipital reduction as well.

That being said, the first place to start is for you to send me some pictures of yourself for my assessment and then we can have a phone or Skype consultation for further discussion.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana