Can Females Get Jaw Angle Implants Without Looking Too Masculine?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi I’m a young female looking into mandibular angle implants I came across your social media. Most I’ve seen done is on males do you do this for females add some width and length to the ramus without it looking too masculine ? Also with facial implants which are meant to be lifelong is this true or do they have to be changed down the line because I’ve ready somewhere that Brest implants have had to be removed because of degradation. What is the success rate for mandibular angle implants I’ve seen many say negative things some positive but id really like some more information before I have any consultations with anyone right now I’m just researching. I have pictures of my profile too if that helps thanks.

A: In answer to your jaw angle implant questions:

1) The vertical lengthening style of jaw angle implants is the only really suited for most female jaw augmentations.

2) Solid silicone facial implants should not be confused with gel breast implants. Such facial implants never degrade or need to be replaced due to implant material fauilure.

3) Like all facial implants jaw angle implants have all of the same risks of infection, asymmetry as well as sizing/shape issues.

4) I would need to see some pictures for imaging of potential results of which the most valuable are the front and three-quarter views, the profile view is the least useful in imaging jaw angle implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana